New Year's Resolutions for Houston Music In 2013

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Recently Rocks Off asked our writers to make a New Year's resolution for Houston music in 2013. These people wrote back.

Alexa Crenshaw: I don't have much more to say than the typical "I should branch out and watch more shows and listen to more music and buy more albums and not be lame and" ... yeah, something like that. But, really, Houston has an amazing variety of quality music, quality music that, in all honesty, I have yet to actually hear and personally discern as quality music!

Corey Deiterman: It's not a personal resolution, but I would love to see just one Houston band make it big in 2013. I just want to see one great band from this city catch some major blog attention. They've deserved it for years, but it seems like they get overlooked every time.

Cory Garcia: I've heard a lot of people this year talking about how more people need to get out and support the local music community... and they're right. So my personal goal for the year is to start going to more local shows. It seems the only time I ever see local acts is when there is some sort of festival or someone gets added on as an opener for a touring act.

Meanwhile, I constantly see bands promoting their shows on Facebook and Twitter, so I know these shows are happening. I just have to take the active step to make the time to get out of the house, go see bands, and maybe make some new friends in the process.

Chris Gray: We've got a pretty good thing going on here right now -- we're not Austin, we're not Dallas, we're not New York or L.A. or New Orleans, all places that are either completely up their own ass and/or have been pillaged and exploited so much their creative energy has been sucked dry. We're just Houston. Let's revel in that and try not to fuck it up.

Craig Hlavaty: I want more bands to learn the art of showmanship, on and off the stage. I see guys like The Manichean and the Trimms that have that in spades. They are fun to watch. Then you have some acts who are too cool for everyone and everything around them.

That's cool, if you are the Stones or Morrissey, but you are a local band. Stop being shy and sell yourself. It will be for the greater good of your band, your city and everyone in town. Don't be a wallflower. Make outrageous claims while talking to us in the press, lose ten pounds of sweat onstage, and rep your city at all times.

Another thing, embrace Houston. Great things are happening all the time, if you make them happen. I heard about a "local" band recently that decided that they won't even concentrate on cultivating a crowd or following here in town, and that they were bound for the "bigger things," so why bother. I was really glad to hear that because it gave me one less act to feign giving a shit about.

Altamese Osborne: I hope to see more Houston artists rise to prominence in 2013, because they are really talented. The world deserves to see what we get to see on a daily and weekly basis.

Shea Serrano: I'm not sure I entirely understand what this one is asking me. Is it what I'd like to see Houston rap music attempt to do in 2013? If so, I'd say more of the same that it was doing in 2012. There was some really inspired, interesting music made [last] year. I can only hope it happens again.

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