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#NewHoustonRap: Fat Tony's Trip to "MacGregor Park" & More

FAT TONY, "MacGregor Park"
Aside from picking sushi with Asher Roth, 2015 was a rather quiet year for Double Dragon, RABDARGAB, general Houston rap impresario Fat Tony. Sure, he threw parties and had plenty of fun, but 2015 looked more like a year of relaxation than hard work. Hell, the “MacGregor Park” video operates as a fun glimpse into Tony’s life, right down to Maxo Kream hemming people up and Bun B beating people at a dice game. Third Ward always looks good, but it looks even better when Fat Tony sings its literal praises on a Sunday.

When we spoke to Trae over the summer, he was busy plotting the release of Tha Truth. The Assholes By Nature general and arguably the one man I'd willing to bet on in a fight against the Devil had recorded so much music in the time period, he could have released a double album. Well, Tha Truth was supposed to be a double album. So, the second half, set to be released next year, has "Takers" on it. You'll remember Atlanta's Quentin Miller as being the center of that whole Drake/Meek Mill thing over the summer but here he's a great accessory for Trae to gruff and push and fight his way to a concept. The best caveat of it? You get to help Trae give "Takers" a proper video treatment.

DOEMAN, “Cuban Link$”
Whenever we get OBE, know that Doeman still has a knack for rapping. To celebrate over half a million plays on Soundcloud, fans received “Cuban Link$” as a gift. What did they actually get? Three minutes of bars showing pride, loyalty, a glimmer of bombast and a clear outline of what Dodi wants aside from a woman.

Earlier this month, we got a new Pimp C album, Long Live the Pimp. “Bitch Get Down,” with Bun B and 8Ball & MJG, is something so countrified and sinister that Mr. Lee’s organs barely keep it all in line. God knows we miss the Pimp. God also knew we needed two of the South’s greatest duos on a track one last time.

WHYJAE, "The Interview"
As it stands, WhyJae still happens to have one of the best projects to come out of Houston in the last two years. As it also stands, he’s still one of the city’s premier outright lyricists, shuffling together bars like a Spades hand and holding nothing but daggers in the deck. “The Interview” is a prime loosie, an example of where he can go just as long as his dedicated fan base and his own motivations push him there.
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