Nice Peter Really, Really Excited About His Parking Space

Every day Rocks Off trolls the tubes of you in search of videos to share. If you have something that you think deserves to be video of the day, send a link to jef_rouner at yahoo dot com.

Rocks Off has a confession. Every year, on Christmas Day, we drive to the nearest WalMart and park right next to the entrance. Not in the handicap space. Even if the store is closed that move is dickish, but in the closest legal space we lean back in the seat and enjoy, just for one second, the sense of accomplishment and being the center of the universe that comes with pure parking perfection.

But you all probably have real hobbies. Nice Peter is a fun little band of musical humorists who put together a great video for their tribute to Rocks Off's secret obsession, a song they call "Best Spot in the Lot."

A bit of comedic fluff on the outside, within its bluesy heart there is a simple reminder that every day life is full of little victories that should be celebrated. Do they total more than the little defeats? God only knows, but we should take our sips of Heaven where we can get them. See the video after the jump.

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