Nick Greer Wants You to Help Solve a Murder Mystery

This weekend, Prohibition Supperclub & Bar will premiere an immersive theater production, Magnolia City, that pairs the Moonlight Dolls of burlesque-dancing fame alongside HPMA-nominated local funk-man and pianist extraordinaire Nick Greer. The weekly murder-mystery production will blur the line between guests and cast, as well as fact and fiction, as everyone involved searches to discover whodunit.

“This is a brand new idea for Houston and for Prohibition alike,” says Greer, who obtained a spot on the bill by chance and timing. “They do things like this in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other hot spots around the globe, but nothing like this has ever been done in Houston.”

Greer says he's acted in smaller productions before, but nothing of this scale. In Magnolia City, he will be displaying both his acting and musical chops as Whiskey Lou, the owner and host of the Gold Key Speakeasy.

Prohibition is already renowned for its burlesque shows, and Magnolia City will offer yet another performance for visitors. Featuring prominent Houstonians such as industrialist John Kirby, distillery tycoon Charles Romano, media magnate William P. Hobby, billionaire Howard Hughes and casino owner Jackie Freedman, this weekly show will be equal parts fiction and history lesson.

“As an audience member, you are definitely going to get a history lesson,” Greer says. “But there will be fun fiction thrown in to keep people guessing.”

Aside from helping the cast solve the crime of the evening, Greer says audience members will most enjoy how attentive to the details the cast and crew were when creating the scripts and in their performances.

“It’s all about the details,” Greer says.

Magnolia City’s current installment will run for eight weeks, and Greer suggests repeat visits for those who enjoy the show since it change from week to week depending on audience participation.

“This might be your only chance to see this production. There might be other ones in the works, or maybe not,” Greer says, adding cryptically, “For now, my lips are sealed.”

Greer promises that Magnolia City will be fun, informative and deeply engaging, likening it to a movie that audiences can see, touch and even be a part of if they so choose.

Magnolia City debuts at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar this Sunday, August 16. Tickets are available here.

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