Nickelback Fights Back With Funny Or Die Clip

Check out yesterday's superb Nickelblock blog....

Call me a contrarian asshole, but I like Nickelback for what they are, not for who they aren't. The blunt-force studio magick of their riffs, the stoopid lyrics, the robo-drums, the Chad Kroeger...I just don't care. I think that they feed off of all the hate and anger they arouse. It sort of reminds me of my experiences with the Insane Clown Posse camp, but on a exponentially larger and better-smelling scale.

The fact of the matter is, a lot more people like Nickelback in the creepy way I do, and some of you put on a brave hip place in public to follow along with the detractors.

This week Nickelback teamed with Funny Or Die to spoof the controversy over their proposed appearance at the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game, poking fun at the hatred aimed at them, while also throwing a stick into the media spin machine.

I have more fun singing along to Nickelback's lyrics ("What the hell-ah is on Joey's head?") than I do trying to decipher indie-rock wankery, and that's Thanksgiving real talk. Let them play and let them make people turn off their televisions, or at least push mute. Maybe, just maybe, families and friends can talk about what they think is



What if Nickelback's sole, lone function - besides making a lot of money - isn't to suck, but to create awareness of more obscure bullshit for future generations? Something to think about while you wait for NB's new album, Here And Now, to download from your favorite torrent site since you are afraid to buy it in person.

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