Nine Bands From the '90s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

Everyone was all abuzz about the reunion announcements of Refused and At the Drive-In this week. I was less abuzz. I never much cared for Refused (nor International Noise Conspiracy) and I was one of those people that liked ATDI "before" (and I certainly had no need for Mars Volta). And they're not the only ones throwing their hats back in the ring. Last year we saw new releases from The Get Up Kids and Braid.

The Promise Ring are gearing up to play some dates next month, and just yesterday Murder City Devils released their first songs in over ten years. If you were into underground music in the late '90s you've got an opinion on all of these things. And I've got an opinion on bands from that era that I'd like to see get out there again. Most of these bands broke up by 2000 (with a couple of exceptions being later or way way earlier), but all were pretty important to kids who were lucky enough to come of age in the "Hands Up Houston" era. Maybe they could reunite and then book these bands. How about it?

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April Brem Patrick