Nine More Washed-Up Musicians On Reality Shows

Everybody's favorite lovelorn rock has-been Vince Neil has signed on to Skating With the Stars, an upcoming reality show sure to feature an exact recreation of the photo illustration above. Times, it seems, are tough all over, and Neil can't be the only musical celebrity in deep enough financial trouble to sell his dignity to the first reality show to ask.

Well, sure enough, Rocks Off has done some digging, and we've found out a whole bunch of rock, pop and rap stars will be appearing on all kinds of reality shows, from the cheesiest game shows to the most intense docudramas. Let's have a look at what's in store, shall we?

Ted Nugent experiences deep theological and spiritual epiphanies on Ghost Hunters.

Suge Knight's glass jaw gets him into trouble again on Operation: Repo.

Kelly Clarkson goes a little overboard on Deadliest Catch.

Courtney Love brings her years of experience as a strung-out lunatic to America's Next Top Model, but is still out-crazied by Tyra Banks.

No one is more familiar with the concept of pawning one's own possessions to get by than MC Hammer.

Marilyn Manson will try to blaspheme those love handles away on The Biggest Loser.

We're not certain which end of this Intervention Whitney Houston is on, but there are sure to be tears.

Scott Stapp could finally be the one to out-douche Mystery on The Pickup Artist.

Phil Collins suffers a minor setback during The Amazing Race.

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