Nine Songs on Gary Busey's Playlist with Video Evidence

We've all been so caught up with Charlie Sheen's personal life that it seems we've forgotten about the O.G. Gary Busey. He might not be "winning" as much as Sheen, but at least he still has an acting job with Celebrity Apprentice and the occasional TV movie like Gingerdead Man.

We did some extensive YouTube research and came up with a playlist we think Gary might have on his computer based on some of his famous "Buseyisms:" original acronyms and philosophies that Busey has been teaching us for years through his interviews, movies, and TV shows. Why should Sheen get all the shine? It's time to give Busey back his rightful gonzo title.

"I'm Just a Dog", Big Moe Most people don't know that Busey starred in a straight-to-DVD Shaggy Dog knockoff called "Quigley" where he plays a ruthless businessman with a disdain for dogs and is turned into a Pomeranian as punishment.

"Aliens Exist", Blink 182 Busey is a firm believer that aliens, or as he refers to them as, "replicas", exist in our society in the form of perfect looking humans. The key to finding out if a human is a replica is to either smell them - replicas are without scent - or test their intellect.

"Don't Fear The Reaper", Blue Oyster Cult "FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real"

"Rock The Boat", Aaliyah "The ocean is your emotion, the sail on the boat is the Golden Rule. The wind that catches the sail and pushes the boat into a lovely sunset of tropical design with a double rainbow...that wind is your spirit."

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Allison Wagoner