No Diggity

This Saturday, Diggy Simmons, son of Run-D.M.C.'s Rev. Run and all-around teenage rapper heartthrob thanks to MTV reality show Run's House, will be onstage at House of Blues. He will be there as part of the BET program 106 & Park's "Closer to My Dreams" tour, continuing his recent run of successes that include landing a spot on the cover of XXL's coveted "Freshmen" issue and launching a shoe line.

Diggy, exceptionally charming in his teenager wisdom, gifted Chatter a few minutes on the phone to talk about the tour, Lil Twist's Mohawk and what surprises he may have in store for his Houston stop.

Chatter: Generally, when we interview someone, the first time we talk to someone is the first time we talk to someone. But with you, it's like we grew up together, like, "Remember that time your mom fell off the skateboard? Oh, man. That was crazy." Is that bizarre?

Diggy Simmons [Laughs]: Nah, not at all. The fact that I did the show, that's not something that I focus on now. My family did it and I was a part of it. When I'm out and people recognize me from that or from my music, I like that. Not that I don't appreciate when they recognize me from the show, but I'm an artist. I love music.

C: You were on the cover of XXL with some pretty talented dudes like Big K.R.I.T., Lil B, Yelawolf and Mac Miller. Was that intimidating?

DS: A lot of those people, I love their music. I already knew some of them. I know [Lil] Twist, I was a friend of Mac. We all just embraced each other. Nobody was really uptight or anything like that.

C: You said you knew Twist before that?

DS: I've known Twist since way before I even rapped. I'm going to the 11th grade now, I knew Twist back in fifth grade. That's my dude. He's like my brother.

C: Did you consider approaching Lil Twist like, "Yo, maybe it's time you cut that Mohawk, bro"?

DS: [Laughs]: Nah. That's his style.

C: Houston has its own rap subculture. Are there going to be any Houston hat-tips in the show?

DS: I get so caught up in what I'm doing, like right now I'm in L.A. so I'm thinking L.A. But you just gave me an idea.

C: Your new single, "Copy, Paste," seems like it might be a sideways glance at people who are already trying to mimic your style a bit. Is that what it is?

DS: It's more so an anthem for people that enjoy being original, a track for the summer.

C: Growing up in Run's house, all of you seemed pretty ambitious. Is it pretty competitive? Are you at your sisters like, "Yeah, you got a shoe line. But so do I. And I rap. And check out these amazing dimples I have, too"?

DS [Laughs]: We all just support each other. We have our own adventures and support. It's really not any kind of way.

C: You were at the BET Awards, right? And now you're on this tour. It all seems like it kind of happened pretty quickly. Is it hard to get your brain around, or given your exposure to being covered, is it pretty easy to handle?

DS: Well, it happened over the course of two years, a year and a half. It was a grind. I'm thankful. All the new fans, everyone that's been a part of it. It's all mind-boggling.

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