No "Hesitation"... Just Watch Peekaboo Theory's New Video

All right, this is what we have been waiting for: cool videos from Houston artists. Hell, we have enough cats here with state-of-the-art equipment and skills, it seems silly to let it all go to waste on insurance company commercials and that dude who will pay you in $2 bills. A few weeks back we brought

a new Benjamin Wesley video

, and today we've got a new one from the rapidly rising

Peekaboo Theory

. The clip, directed by John Hale, is for the track "Immediate Hesitation" from their 2009's strong debut album

Sy~3nc3 & Pr( )gr@m5

. It's a creepy, dream-like vid alternately between the band playing out in a grassy expanse to a tense chase scene through Houston. Peekaboo Theory is also featured in the latest episode of the Houston-based Internet series

Live From SugarHill



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