No Rocks Off Movie Night Tonight - We're Saving Ourselves for Urban Cowboy Next Week

Next Tuesday, Rocks Off Movie Night at the Mink returns with the 1980 "classic"

Urban Cowboy

. Classic if you're from Houston, anyway. The film kicks off our three-week series on movies filmed in and around Houston proper. Ben Stiller's directorial debut

Reality Bites

and Wes Anderson's hipster-baiting


follow in the coming weeks. We were going to show

Robocop 2

tonight, but the Mink is having a hard time finding a replacement bulb for its projector, and most of the Rocks Off crew is going to be at

Surfer Blood

anyway. Also,

Robocop 2

pretty much blows fajita chunks. Over the next week, we will look back at the music and the locations captured in the John Travolta "Saturday Night Beerhall" flick, which centered on Gilley's in Pasadena and the oil boom that our city saw in the late '70s. Everyone who was alive in town at the time of the filming seems to have a story about the experience, from the kickers in the beerhall to the people who followed Travolta everywhere around town looking to get some face time with the erstwhile Vinnie Barbarino and his tight jeans. See you guys next Tuesday at the Mink. We are currently working on some Lone Star beer specials for attendees, along with an appearance by John Travolta himself. OK, not really. We also tried to get a mechanical bull for some post-movie entertainment, but cooler and smarter heads prevailed. Something about spines, booze, lawyers and jail. We are currently considering making one of our interns impersonate a mechanical bull. That's legal, right?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.