Noise Extra: "I've Found My Weakness in You" and Billy Joe Shaver on Houston

In this week's installment of Noise, Rocks Off's bass-playing friend and neighbor Nick Gaitan talks about how our building inspired his song "I've Found My Weakness in You," and how his boss Billy Joe Shaver liked it so much he decided to record it. Part of our conversation veered into Shaver's experiences in the Bayou City, but first, the song...

Rocks Off: I was wondering how much time he's spent here.

Nick Gaitan (smiles): He's always talking about how rough it is.

RO: What does he say about Houston?

NG: He always talks about it just being rough, like 'Oh, be careful down there,' kind of like you'd hear in a Leadbelly song. Or he introduced me to this lady one time - he said, 'This is Nick, he's from Houston. He's got Houston written all over him.' He has his own version of Houston in his head.

RO: I bet he's got a bunch of ties to this area.

NG: Oh yeah. Billy has his own Houston, because he's been here a lot. 

Shaver and band at Space Center Houston, April 2008/ collectspace.com

RO: Does he ever talk about honky-tonks and stuff around here that he used to play?

NG: He told me that he used to play down here with Townes [van Zandt] a bunch at the Old Quarter. They'd be down there partying and stuff, having a good time. They were hanging for a while there. But as far as that, I've heard him say a few things. I can't recall anything about any particular honky-tonks around here or anything, but he definitely talked about the parts of Houston. He'll drop me off sometimes when we're passing through.

RO: Are there parts of town he won't go to?

NG: Not necessarily. I bet he'd go anywhere.

RO: He seems like a pretty chill dude, actually.

NG: Oh, he is. - Chris Gray

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