Nosaprise Marks 10th Toy Drive With New Music of His Own

Dozens of Houston-area kids are about to have a very merry Christmas thanks to the efforts of Houston musician Nosaprise, whose annual "Trills the Season" toy drive returns for its tenth year this evening at Boondocks. A two-part event devoted to gathering and distributing toys children in need, the drive kicks off with tonight's concert featuring Nosa, garage-rockers Young Girls, hip-hop crew Def Perception and "digital cumbia" auteur Gio Chamba; the second half commences Christmas Day, when Nosa and his friends will distribute whatever merchandise is donated this evening to local children who probably aren't expecting a whole lot out of jolly old St. Nick.

Also tonight, though, Houston DJs Dayta, Fat Tony and Baby Roo will keep the party going with all your favorite Christmastime jams between sets. Admission is one new or gently used toy worth at least $10. As you can see by the above photo, taken before Nosa distributed the fruits of last year's Trills the Season drive to kids in Denver Harbor, Fifth Ward and Kashmere Gardens, he should soon have quite a pile of loot on his hands.


"This event is really special to us because its organzied and executed by the people with out any corporate sponsorship," says Nosa via email. "We also think it's really important to put the toys in the kids' hands ourselves and really put a person to the toys."

Besides toys, jackets and food for the homeless are also acceptable, Nosa adds. Since his toy drive began, he says Trills the Season has raised about $20,000 for needy kids in neighborhoods all across the city.

Musically speaking, tonight Nosa says he plans to premiere a few songs from his still-unfinished forthcoming album, which will be released later on in 2015 but whose first single should drop next month, along with scattered other tracks not slated for the release. He's been quietly making the record over the past year or so in between traveling and enjoying life as a newlywed, enlisting Havikoro's Joey Flaco and Suffers guitarist Alex Zamora (as Alpha Zamora) for help on the production side, the latter of whom he says has made for "a great change of pace." Entitled Hoorah!, the record should reinforce Nosa's standing as one of Houston's most lyrically thoughtful and verbally limber rappers.

"I've grown so much as an artist and musician since the days of [2008 debut] Grown Folks Music," he says. "Hoorah! as a record is gonna be a lot more mature, cohesive and fun without dumbing down my content."

Nosa's Trills the Season toy drive kicks off at 7 p.m. tonight at Boondocks, Like what you read? Or think you can do better? We'd love for you to join our team.


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