Not in the Face

Austin two-piece Not in the Face comes into town this evening with a whole mess of punk-country-blues and a new album, Bikini, in tow. At times, drummer Wes Cargal and guitarist-singer Jonathan Terrell remind us of the Replacements, or at least Paul Westerberg's post-Mats forays. The country groove comes from Cargal's time spent in twangin' groups around Austin when not drumming for sleaze-metal trio White Rhino; his Gary Stewart tattoo may also play a part. Terrell can seamlessly move from blues to country with a flick of his slide and his manic Fred Cole-channeling vocals. Not in the Face (what a naughty name) hits hard, but they are all heart and graceful turbulence. Also on the bill are local prog trio Dead Revolt, who have been making a quick name for themselves around these parts playing with the likes of Rivers and the other strains of Houston's new breed of blues-rockers.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty