Note To Thieves: People You Rob Use Craigslist Too

Wednesday morning, we told you about Rocks Off photog Marc Brubaker, who was the victim of a robbery at his Denver Harbor home. In the robbery he lost two Macs and a printer, all three things that he uses to do photography for us at Rocks Off and his own projects with the Houstonist Web site. Yesterday, armed with a police report, Brubaker was surfing Craigslist to see if any of his equipment may have turned up on the secondary market. In his search, he found what appeared to be his desktop Mac machine for sale at a home location near I-45 and the Beltway. Brubaker was hopeful, but wasn't about to get his hopes up. In the mid-afternoon, Brubaker drove to the home of the man who was selling the computer. Upon inspection and matching the serial numbers on the Mac box and the computer, Brubaker deduced that the man had either stolen the item himself or had received stolen merchandise. When Brubaker questioned the man - "pointedly" - as he recalls, the man soon gave up the Mac to him out of fear of police action. Brubaker says the man claims to have no idea where his "friend" got the computer either, but he did file another report with officers soon after reporting the gentleman. So now Brubaker is still on the hunt for the printer and the laptop which are still at large. Luckily the thieves were inept and hadn't even cleared off the contents of the computer's hard drive, which means all of Brubaker's photo work was not lost. Last night Brubaker was spotted at Walter's on Washington and Mangos in Montrose celebrating his good fortune by enjoying a few adult beverages.

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