Notes from the Road: Opie Hendrix

Opie Hendrix and the Tall Boys

Opie Hendrix sent us this missive, and we thought we'd pass it on to you:

It was Thursday morning coming down, 17 hours & four states later, I am sailing the rented Ford Taurus across the Ohio river into Jeffersonville, IN. . My good friend Rick has booked the Opie Hendrix acoustic show @ the Third Base Tavern as part of the Thunder Weekend entertainment. What's that? You've never heard of Thunder Weekend? Well then, just pull up a seat and let ol' Opie tell you a story...

Each year Thunder Weekend takes place about two weeks before the Kentucky Derby in Louisville/Jeffersonville on the Ohio river. It is probably one of the largest firework/air show displays in the U.S.A. During the day (ALL DAY), super sonic jets, big-ass bombers, WWII fighter planes and helicopters of every size were WOOSHING & BUZZING and spewing multi-colored smoke and skydivers down upon close to the 500,000 people attending the festival. Most of them brought their own thunder in the form of Harley's and other various hog-type scooters. It was indeed, outa sight!

It was at this event I meet the boys from Molitov Cocktal. Not only were they hella nice guys, they were also rocking the shit out of everybody. They handed me this cherry ( not the finish but, the vintage) Les Paul that was all souped, what a machine. I can't wait to party in Louisville again. Then there was Indy...We ( Oh yeah, I am traveling with Carrie Ann, whom I will tell you right now, blew 'em all away with her gorgeous voice and sexy style. ) get to Indianapolis and meet up with bassist Larry "the Mystic Wah", who will perform with us that weekend. Turned it up and let 'er rip @ the Brick with a special guest performance by the "legendary" Max Owens. He knows who he is...As all good things must come to an end, we hug and kiss our family & friends say our "see ya real soons" and aim the rented Ford back to Texas.

For more info on Opie Hendrix, click here.


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