Notes From Yung Redd's Eviction Notice 4 Mixer

There is an upcoming music feature in the print queue about Yung Redd, a young, talented, pugnacious-voiced MC who should be way more prominent within the Houston rap biosphere than he is but, for whatever reason, can't seem to get much further than SwishaHouse's on-deck circle.

And we'll get into all of Redd's important story lines and plot points in said feature - he's an interesting case study, particularly if you've ever bothered to wonder about all of the End of Days imagery that's been showing up in heavier and heavier doses on near all of the artwork for his recent music.

But Thursday night Redd had a listening mixer for his latest mixtape, Eviction Notice 4, the final installment of his Eviction Notice series, at Yung Chill's Keys and Ink music studio. A hefty amount of people showed up to support. And we took some notes.

Hit the jump.

• Redd often sounds the most effective when he doesn't let regional-based stereotypes (candy paint, money, etc) get in the way of what he's trying to do, and he does that more and more as he gets further and further along in his career. EV4 is a nice progression, highlighted less than two and half minutes into opener "Rain Drops," when he explains, "I see evil everywhere, so I don't take my shades off."

There are a few skippables on there, but all told it's a tape that warrants a bunch anticipation for a proper full-length. It'd be nice if he were, oh, we don't know, on a record label founded by a guy who's put some of Houston's biggest-name rappers on the map.

• Scooby from the G.R.I.T. Boys was also in attendance. If you haven't had a chance to listen to his debut mixtape, the D. Coleman Mixtape, you really should. It's very hearty, especially when you consider how adept he was in it at prospering in the solo-performer role. Rumor has it D. Coleman's successful reception has prompted him to release another tape soon, this time with zero guest features on it.

• The best quote of the night came via Redd when he was talking to the crowd about a girl that apparently didn't believe in him or something when he was younger: "I remember this one chick -she's in jail now."

• By the way, and this has nothing to do with anything, but prior to heading over to the mixer we were at Wal-Mart getting a prescription for eyeglasses because that's what gangsters do, and a mom and a her three sons were in the waiting room waiting near us. The oldest brother was the one getting the glasses.

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When he went into the room to meet with the optometrist just the mom and the two younger sons, maybe four and two, were left. The best quote she gave: "Your brother is going blind. Do you know why? Because you all play that stupid PSP all the time. That's why." Parents are the best.

• Yung Chill popped in for a while. It took him less than a few minutes to get on the microphone and give a shot out to Redd that included a reference to The Jetsons. Yung Chill is boss.

EV4 sold out pretty quick - quicker than Redd was expecting, anyway - so he had some copies printed up real fast that he was handing out at the mixer for free. You can order through SwishaHouse, or you can download it for free here.

Download it. And keep an eye out for that upcoming feature.

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