Now Broadcasting From The Red Planet: 5 Artists Who Deserve A Premiere On Mars

While it was neither a small step nor a giant leap NASA once again made history on Tuesday. Not content with just beaming music in to space they successfully streamed a song from the Curiosity rover hanging out on Mars back to the little blue orb we call home.

If we're being honest we were a bit surprised when we heard that Will.i.am was picked to be the first artist to release a single on a different planet. We have nothing against the guy mind you- the first two Black Eyed Peas records are pretty good after all- but when we think of space travel and Martians he isn't our first pick.

There are plenty of artists out there that would jump at the opportunity to hold a single release on the red planet. Here are 5 that NASA should consider moving to the top of the list.

1. Lil Wayne

Weezy has made no secret that he doesn't consider himself a human being and has gone as far as labeling himself a Martian, which explains a lot of his life decisions. It also makes him a prime candidate for interplanetary broadcast.

He may not have been in top form with some of his recent verses but we like to think that the prospect of being the first artist with a mixtape of Mars might make him step up his game. We wouldn't even complain if he wanted to get Nikki Minaj in on the action, provided she was in "Beam Me Up Scotty" mode.

2. 30 Seconds to Mars

Someone with Mars in the name was going to have to make the short list and we're not sure Bruno Mars has what it takes to write a song for space. Back before the "epic" videos and the $13,000 tweets 30STM wrote songs that were less "emo" and more "space rock". One only has to go as far as "Buddha For Mary" to get a Mars reference after all.

They also have a bit of history with the Curiosity rover; NASA picked "Echelon" as one of the rover's wake up tunes to signal the start of a new Martian day.

3. Angels And Airwaves

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Watching the trailer for Love, the movie tie in to Angels And Airwaves' last two records, it's hard to imagine that Tom DeLonge was every content to get naked for a Blink 182 video or make poop jokes on stage.

He's a man that dreams big and wants everything he does to be grandiose, even when his dreams outreach his ability. Even if we think it's kind of weird it's hard not to admire that kind of attitude, and that's what makes us curious to see what he would come up with if he had to write a single for Mars.

4. Explosions In The Sky

There's an entire branch of music out there dubbed "space music" that features wonderful composers creating ambient tracks that attempt to represent space's icy embrace. There's a lot of stuff to love there, but if there's going to be instrumental music streaming from Mars we're hoping for something a bit more dynamic.

Enter our state's most famous post-rock export Explosions In The Sky. They've already told us that The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place and we're ready for them to let us know what Mars is.

Plus, if NASA isn't going to give us a shuttle they could at least throw us a bone musically.

5. David Bowie

The opening and closing ceremonies of this year's Olympics were pretty solid and featured tributes to some of the best music to ever come out of the United Kingdom. While it was great to see McCartney and Lennox and the rest there was one man whose absence stuck out in our minds: David Bowie.

We know he's off enjoying his retirement somewhere but we still miss him as an active artist. We're not even asking for a "Space Oddity" sequel, although we wouldn't complain if that's the direction he went. It would just be nice to get one last (hopefully) great song from a master and have it beamed back to us from another world.

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