Now It’s Super Happy Moving Land



just talked to Super Happy Fun Land owner Brian Arthur, who says the Heights music venue is actively seeking a new location. Arthur and company found out

earlier this month

the owners of the property are selling the space to make room for more fancy condos in the Heights. (Insert boos here.)

“We strongly suspected [this] for a long time,” Arthur says, adding the landlords had been trying to sell him the property since he moved in. He turned the offer down partly because he couldn’t afford it at the time, and partly because he didn’t think the building was worth the asking price. “The building was not in the greatest shape and we’d have problems with flooding and it only had one bathroom,” Arthur says. “Also, some of the shows that we’d get there, we’d have like 300 people coming into the show and the place is really… 200 people is a tight fit in there.”

Arthur says the news was really a blessing in disguise as he and fellow Super Happy Fun Landers had been discussing relocating anyway. “We’re just kind of laid back, lazy artist-type folks and we really need something to come in and motivate us and now we are and want our new location to be larger and better,” he says.

SHFL’s new location will have a better sound system and stage areas for live shows, he says, as well as more room for art workshops and all the other zany activities the venue sponsors. Arthur says the new space will also likely feature a beer and wine bar and coffee shop, and will still be a place where everyone is welcome.

“The thing about Super Happy Fun Land is it’s more about our name and our concept than just our location,” he says. “We’re going to have the same type of entertainment we’ve been having. We’re not going to sell out. We’re not in this to make money, we’re in this to promote art and music and underground culture in Houston.”

Arthur says he’s looking for a location somewhere in the Montrose or warehouse district but is always open to suggestions. “If anybody knows of any locations they think would be a great Super Happy Fun Land, let us know,” he asks. “We’re actively scouting, but we really would appreciate any feedback from people out there.”

We here at the Press wish Arthur and SHFL the best of luck and hope they stick around. - Dusti Rhodes

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