Numbers Update: Don't Mourn Goth Sanctuary Just Yet

Houston already has a bad case of shaken cat syndrome after the upheavals involving once-stable institutions like Fitzgerald's and KTRU this year, and when the Chronicle posted a listing saying that Numbers was up for lease, longtime fans and patrons went absolutely bonkers.

Today Numbers general manager Rudi Bunch released a formal statement:

"Our landlord did retain the services of a Realtor. We are working to resolve the situation with our landlord, and have every expectation of remaining open with business as usual. We are optimistic about our prospects for the future."

While not the most informative or definitive of statements, other evidence shows that the venerable old club is indeed in good condition. A recent alliance with Mike Kelley has brought a stream of shows from all genres, as well as a much-needed upgrade to the aging sound system.

In addition to regular goth fare, rising bands like Semi Precious Weapons - fresh from a gig opening for Lady Gaga, scheduled to play Numbers next Wednesday - have been booked. Goth icons Faith and the Muse filmed a live concert at the club earlier this year for a DVD due to be released in mid-October.

With shows booked through December, and more being pursued by the club every day, it's a pretty safe bet that fans can rest easy.

"This is nothing new," said DJ Nick Night. "They have been close to losing their lease a few times, though not this close."

"I believe the owners have been trying to re-tenant Numbers for ages... no takers," said Caddy Daeumer of My Bitch Tits. "Numbers is like cockroaches and Twinkies. It'll never die."

Because of the 32-year-old club's age, it's grandfathered under many building regulations, and any new tenant would have to spend a considerable amount of money to bring Numbers up to current standards.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.