Occupy All Streets: Jay-Z Tries to Iron Out T-Shirt Controvery

Jay-Z hasn't been in the right Empire State of Mind lately. First, the native New York mogul released an "Occupy All Streets" t-shirt on his clothing label, Rocawear. Then, the shirt was immediately taken off the online catalog following a backlash from critics. Then, it came back, but back ordered.

Protestors fought Jay-Z, arguing that no percentage of the shirts' revenue was going towards the Occupy movement. Plus, it's Jigga. He's less than the 1 percent...he has his own color. That shit cray.

According to the Rocawear PR folks, "there is change to be made everywhere," not just on Wall Street. The company has not announced whether or not it supports the protests. Considering the clothing line's annual revenue of $700 million a year, they'll probably continue to tiptoe around the issue. As if Jay-Z needs another reason for people to assume he's part of the Illuminati.

Rocawear might have to make some moves if the recoil continues. At least Russell Simmons, who came to Jay-Z's defense, should. The other day he tweeted about a sixteen dollar movie rental the other day, followed by the hashtag #occupyallstreets.

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