OG Bobby Trill Starts From Scratch for Thre3style Set

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To know Rosbel Hinojosa is to know a real vato. Someone who will sit down with you and talk about life and family and food and music, all while making you cry of laughter due to the crazy impressions and stories that stem from his comedic arsenal. You will also know a successfull music producer and turntablist with a natural stage presence that makes each show exceptional. But above all, you will know a friend.

Hinojosa is better known as Bobby, as in OG Bobby Trill, El OGT (Oh-Heh-Teh). He is onefourth of Bombón, Houston's Ultimate Tropical Dance Party, which continues to thrown down the first Saturday of every month at Fox Hollow. Back in 2013, Bobby won the Houston qualifier of the Red Bull Thre3style DJ Championships, and is back to rep Houston in the 2015 edition of the competition. We sat down with the DJ to speak about Saturday's event.

Rocks Off: Since the last Thre3style, plenty has changed in your life. Fill us in on some of those changes and how they play into the DJ you are today. OG Bobby Trill: Maaan...Well, I got married, for one. And my beautiful wife Victoria is pregnant with our second child, which is due in April. I love her because she is always so very supportive of my DJ and music career. We know life is short, so its better to spend it doing something you love.

How has the Thre3style changed from last time? It seems pretty chill this year. Maybe the budget is not as big, but we (the competitors) aren't doing as much PR as the last time. They also got rid of the city qualifiers and went straight to regionals. But the competition was open for anyone to submit their five-minute demo, so I feel fortunate that my entry was selected. The regional winners go on to Phoenix for the national competition, and then the world championship is in Tokyo. I feel really good about my chances and my set, so we'll see what happens.

What is your approach to building your Thre3style set? The first time in Houston was easier. I know Houston. I had trouble in Dallas because I was thinking too hard, like, "I wonder what they wanna hear, I wonder that they like". But this time is more of let me pick some stuff that I like. Although I have run into challenges. I can't go to New Orleans and play a Bombón set. So my original set for this weekend was sounding super-forced because I was trying to be different. I had to start over from scratch, and just started doing me again, and have fun with it.

Have the Red Bull people given you any suggestions or hints as to what to expect? Yeah, in the email they sent the competitors, at the bottom it said something like, "Don't get too technical, remember that you're there to make people dance." Well, you can't really make people dance for the full 15 minutes, but you do have to hold everyone's attention. The energy definitely has to be there. Fifteen minutes is both a good amount of time and no time at all. I certainly need to get in there are own that shit.

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I'm excited to see your...ummm..."Bobbyisms." The way that you mix one track into another random track, and it really shouldn't make sense, but they make sense because of a word or sound, or something like a movie quote or Internet meme that you interject. They way you manipulate sounds is on point. [laughs] Damn dude, that is spot-on what I wanna do. That's tight that you get it. People that like music, will get it.

What can you say about your support system. Not only your wife and family, but also the large crew of supporters who followed you to Dallas last time around, and I know will also be in attendance in New Orleans with their OGT T-shirts. Having that really gives validation to what I do. I mean, people are going to another city to see me? Wow, I must me doing something good, ya know. If they all think that I can win, then I should also have confidence in myself. It's pretty awesome when people believe in you that much. I mean, my sister from LA is coming to see me! How cool is that?!

What do you think about the judges of Thre3style at the New Orleans qualifier? Dude, I think they are awesome. Mannie Fresh is a fucking legend. I was going through his catalogue, its wild! He's a genius. I feel like a producer like Mannie Fresh just gets it, and he can appreciate the production behind what I play. So if I play something that is sonically different and amazing, maybe that can give me an edge.

Well Bobby, best of luck and we will be rooting for you, bro! Gracias, vato.

OG Bobby Trill competes this Saturday in the New Orleans Regional of the 2015 Red Bull Thre3style DJ Championships at Republic (828 S. Peters Street). Doors open at 10 p.m. Check out his latest mix below.

Mi boogie es asi by Og Bobby Trill on Mixcloud

When he's not roaming around the city in search of tacos and graffiti, Marco points his camera lens towards the vibrant Houston music scene and beyond. Follow his adventures on Instagram at @MarcoFromHouston.


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