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OG Ron C to Host New Chop Not Slop Clinic

Since its debut a few months ago, DJ Supastar's Spin Academy has hosted plenty of large names in the DJ world, from DJ EQue to DJ Kid Capi. Located right near the Astrodome, it's a hub for any number of aspiring DJs whether old or new to try their hand at moving the crowd, all by timing, record blending, mixing and more. Now the Academy is going to be blessed by a literal OG in the game.

OG Ron C, head of the Chopstars and arguably Houston's most noted DJ not named Premier or Screw, will be hosting a clinic on how to properly chop and not slop records or in other words, become an honorary member of the Chopstars.

At their best the Chopstars have evolved from just being a rag-tag group of DJs from across the state and parts of Louisiana to become a label within a label. And since branching out online a few years ago, their output has grown tremendously, spreading from Slim K's Slowdowns and Purple Children series to OG Ron C's vaunted and legendary Fuck Action series.

Ron C's style has always been about technicality rather than action. In an interview conducted with local Houston hip-hop blog Day & A Dream (disclosure: I am the editor in chief), OG noted that his sound differs from that of DJ Screw by making sure nothing spirals out of control on the decks.

"I was listening to so many people's stuff and it was so sloppy," he says of the creation of the 'chop not slop' moniker. "It was supposed to be smooth, but there was so much railroading. It's about blending. When you start railroading things get off the track and when a train get off the track, what happens?

"People weren't using the chops right," Ron continues. "I mean, DJ Screw made it cool and made it a gumbo. The gumbo was the rapping, the scratching, the bringing it back. Slowing down songs originated in Tampa but I came along and cleaned it up. I'm not about to fix my mouth and say Screw's stuff was sloppy but if you try to do what he did and be sloppy, then I'm talking about you."

The main focus of the clinic is to educate those on the philosophy of chopping up and slowing down records, proper technique as well as skill. Who knows, much like Slim K & DJ Candlestick before them OG may bring along another apprentice  to join the ranks.

The Chopstars' latest official release, Slim K's Purple Children 5, is available here. The event is set to take place on Wednesday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Academy (8369 Almeda Rd Ste. P) For more information please contact the Academy at 713-470-9775.


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