Lonesome Onry and Mean

Oh, Great: Nashville Songwriters Name Redneck Doofus Toby Keith Artist of the Decade

Sadly, it's official: Toby Keith, that big redneck doofus who is always threatening to put his boots up somebody's ass or feuding with the Dixie Chicks, has been declared by Nashville Songwriters Association International the top songwriter/artist OF THE DECADE.

Man, Lonesome Onry and Mean bets Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, among others, are pretty pissed, although none of them will ever say so. You know what they say about Nashville: "Nobody ever says anything bad about anyone ... unless their back is turned."

LOM first learned of Keith's coronation via Jon Byrd's post on Facebook. It didn't take long for the comments to start piling up on Byrd's post, either. Nashville artist Chelle Rose piped in with "now why'd ya have to go and RUIN MY DAMN DAY with that!? i ain't a member of NOTHIN... but i might join a few and start VOTIN.

Christy Fields immediately added "omg the world is def. ending!! Toby KEITH??? he sucks! my a**hole makes better music."

But the comment that grabbed LOM by the cojones and hung on was from J.M. Kearns: "Hey, most modern country music is just a veiled commercial for Republican 'values.' It's part of the giant scam that makes ordinary folks think this right wing crap is somehow for them, not for big corporations."

Exactly the point LOM was trying to make in his recent blog about Best In Texas Music Magazine. And LOM can't wait til the day Toby Keith pulls of that mask and reveals that he's just Bocephus Lite.

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