Oh, Lord: Bands Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Cover Music From Star Wars

If naming your band after a

Star Wars

character isn't enough nerd cachet, just try writing music referencing the film series or covering music from the canon of work surrounding it. Anyone


fan worth his or her (mainly his, because dudes are more apt to be nerds) should be able to bang out an ode to stormtroopers or the Force. Yes, the Force is capitalized because it is

a valid religion in some circles

. We tracked down a handful of songs encompassing all facets of the

Star Wars

experience, from the beauty of Princess Leia, to all manner of "Cantina Theme" worship. Hell, you can dial that up on YouTube and find untold dozens of variations of the song originally performed by the Max Rebo Band. Meco most famously recorded the main theme as a space disco romp in 1977 at the early height of Star Wars mania. Space disco is a genre which is big enough to rightfully have

its very own Wiki entry


Dionysos, "Song For Jedi"

This French band bangs out a Cake-worthy three-minute jam about being a Jedi, which still doesn't make sense. We know they aren't speaking French the entire time, but it still throws us off. Also, a chick singing in French always gets us off.

Ash, "Cantina Band"

We only know one person who likes Ash, and even then he can only be construed as a mild acquaintance. These guys are from Ireland, but were somehow lumped in with Britpop. They fall somewhere in the Placebo-area of pseudo-successful bands with a devoted small following. They recorded this cover for the B-side of "Girl From Mars" from the album 1977. The album's title refers to the year Star Wars was released. Duh.

Blink-182, "A New Hope"

The pop-punk elder statesmen recorded this for the 1997 album Dude Ranch, and features singer Mark Hoppus pining after Carrie Fisher's hot-as-hell Leia.

Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy"

This isn't actually related to Star Wars, but Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse used to dress up as characters from the film a lot while on tour, including this appearance on MTV back in 2006.

Metallica, "Imperial March"

Yes, this is actually Metallica. Tons of scholarly and inept YouTube commenters have tried refuting it, but it is truly the band in the studio cranking out the haunting Darth Vader rag.

You Me & Iowa, "Cantina Theme"

YM&I are a smart little pop-rock band from California, which is not Iowa. For once, we hoped a band used the name of their state in their moniker, instead of using it for cheap emo effect. Mama said there would be days like this.

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