Ol Dirty Bastard: 6 Reasons We Sure Miss That Guy

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Last month, FBI records were released alleging that the Wu-Tang Clan was a criminal organization and that Dirt Dog was heavily involved in selling drugs and firearms.

Personally, we've never thought that ODB was crazy. Not even for a minute. He always spoke his mind, embraced his lifestyle, and never apologized for it. Every television appearance is a testament to that.

We have a few of those interviews for you; a few are infamous. We'll aaaalways love him, forever.

Ol Dirty interrupts Shawn Colvin's acceptance speech at the 1998 Grammy Awards: Kanye, i'mma let you finish, but ODB had the best interruption of all time. Many people don't know that the night before this famous Grammy incident, ODB saved a four-year-old girl from a car accident after witnessing it from his recording studio. That makes his statement "Wu-Tang is for the children" even more appropriate.

Ol Dirty takes MTV News on a limo ride to pick up his welfare check: This tops all MTV interviews ever conducted. ODB took a camera crew, his kids, and his babies' mother to get their food stamps in a limousine. His defense when asked about welfare reformation? "You owe me 40 acres and a mule anyway!"

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Allison Wagoner