On Friday The 13th, Houston Musicians Share Some Superstitions

Friday the 13th has been considered an unlucky day since at least the 19th century. Birthed from a potent combination of Christian traditions, pagan folklore and classical numerology, it is estimated that over $800 million is lost each time it rolls around through people canceling plans or even not leaving the house due to fear of the power the cursed day has. The proper name for that fear, by the way, is triskaidekaphobia, which Rocks Off still thinks is easier to say than Tyagaraja.

Musicans, like the criminals of Gotham City, are a cowardly, superstitious lot. Many of them have little rituals that, if not followed exactly, will spell doom for a concert or recoding sessions. We never went on stage without a red bandana tied around our right forearm and our pin from the Dalai Lama on our left shirt collar.

The Black Math Experiment had a group superstition as well. Pre-show pep talks and prayers were strictly forbidden, as each time we would huddle in a group before going on stage psyching ourselves up or petitioning our gods for guidance, the show inevitably went horrible. Comment on that if you must.

Rocks Off petitioned the Houston music scene to ask what other little sympathetic magics they employed to ensure success.

Melane Torress Lozano, 13 Black Coffins:

I wear my red shoes into a club, onto the stage and coming off of the stage. I'll carry 3 pairs of shoes to the shows!! Cause those red ones are not easy to get around in. And I always have something around my ankles. And I kiss my boys on the cheek and tell them to have a good show before we play anything.

Heather Rainwater, Ex-Voto:

If the last rehearsal we have before a show is a disaster, the show will go well. If the final rehearsal sounds great... that's when we panic.

Dremaceo Giles, Lotus Effect:

I always have to clip my finger and toenails. If not, there's gonna be serious issues.

Bill Curtner, Brown Dog Affair:

No sex until after the show. Or in my case...not at all.

Paul Fredric, Asmodeus X:

Never jam or rehearse the day of a show.

Toby Rider, Ending the Vicious Cycle:

I always have to have my amp to my right-side slightly behind me, angled at 45 degrees. Once they put it directly right behind me. Oh that was a terrible show!

Ian Wells, KTRU DJ:

I never use the first channel in any mixer. It's too easy. Don't trust it.

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