One Hunnidt: Rapper/Poet's Life Is In His Lyrics

Despite seeing and/or hearing his name regularly for the past few months, here's all the information we knew two days ago about rapper/poet/existential journeyman One Hunnidt, beyond that he might be a terrible speller:


That struck us as an unreasonable amount of ignorance, so we reached out to him. Among other things, we asked him to send us a 100-word synopsis of his entire everything. Naturally, what he sent was a cryptic, mostly PR-ish response, talking about how he is honest in a world full of people that aren't, things like that.

But one sentence in there seemed to stand out, perhaps even more than he may have intended:

"I'd be a homicidal maniac, dead or in jail if I didn't have a way to release whats inside."

That sentence, the type of thing that only passionate men feel the need to type, alludes to two things:

1. One Hunnidt very well may be a crazy person.

2. The only way you're going to learn what you need to know about him, to learn what it is that makes him work, without having to filter through a bunch of other talk, is by listening to his music.

So we had One Hunnidt pass along what he considered to be his five best, most expository songs, along with a little commentary for each. He sent seven. Love that.

His words from here on out, with one or two notes from us in italics underneath.

"Last Hope"

Everyone knows of Drake's mention of JJ* on "Miss Me": "Forever in our hearts, JJ. Love you, boy." I recorded a joint over [Drake's] "Last Hope" track sort of as a kudos for shouting out my brother. On it, I pretty much aired out real life emotions about people who may be related to me or close to me physically but are worlds apart mentally and in their sense of values. I think lots of people can relate.

*JJ is One Hunnidt's younger brother. He was shot and killed on Feb. 4, 2010. Almost all of One Hunnidt's work from there on feels like it could spiral back to that one point.

"Family Matters"; "BSK"; "Love Live Life" (tie)

The combination of storytelling and feel-good melody makes for nice riding music. The honesty in these tracks pretty much explain my entire life story in a few bars.

"Mr Forever"

This track really had no formal structure to it and I think thats what makes it special, because that is how real life is*. On this joint I showcased some slick lyrics and threw in the poetry element as well.

*A solid observation.

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