One Tree Hill Tour, with the Wreckers, Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz

For the most part, when good news and bad news arrive simultaneously, recipients opt to hear the grim tidings first. With that in mind, here are some dire disclaimers about the One Tree Hill Tour. Teen troubadour Tyler Hilton (who answers to Chris Keller on the WB drama) aims for James Dean but lands closer to James Taylor. Gavin DeGraw is a cute yet cheesy crooner who, unfortunately for his Houston-area female fans, will be skipping this stop. And One Tree Hill, the television program that spawned this outing, makes Dawson's Creek seem dauntingly sophisticated. That said, the Wreckers just might salvage this bogus bill. This sassy duo merges Michelle Branch's coolly confident tones with Jessica Harp's tangy twang. Branch and Harp, who likely scrawled "best friends 4 ever" in each other's yearbooks a few years ago, convert their charismatic connection into on-stage chemistry. In a tie-in twist, beleaguered singing character Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz), her artistic ambitions spurred after One Tree Hill cameo performances from each of the aforementioned acts, accepted an offer to join this road show, her recent marriage to hunky hoops star Nathan (James Lafferty) be damned! With "Haley" playing brief solo sets, this plotline develops every night, making it the only decent reality/television hybrid that ever involved a Hilton.
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Andrew Miller