Oranges Band

There's really not much that separates the Oranges Band from the hordes of indie-rock bands out there these days. But "not much" is not the same thing as "nothing," and the Oranges Band does offer one intriguing angle. If you ever wondered what Spoon would sound like if they were just a little bit more punk, you might find what you're looking for in this loose conglomerate of D.C.-area musos, led by Roman Kuebler. In fact, Kuebler once abandoned this project to serve as Spoon's touring bassist, so the comparison probably isn't that far off the mark.

It took about three years for the Oranges Band to get off the ground, with Kuebler making and breaking alliances left and right, in between touring and releasing the EPs Five Dollars in 2000 and Nine Hundred Miles of Fucking Hell a year later. Once Kuebler returned from his liaison with Britt Daniel and company, the band finally completed a demo, which Lookout! Records gobbled up right away. The group's first full-length, All Around, was released in April of this year, garnering heaps of comparisons to Guided By Voices and snickers at the Radiohead joke on "OK Apartment."

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Melanie Haupt