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Out Today: Glee Warbles, Gorillaz Fall, Kinks Ride Again

It's been a week since the Foo Fighters' album, Wasting Light, hit the stores, and Rocks Off has probably averaged at least one or two spins of the solid disc per day. Right now, we are actually on track four. Will anything top Light this week? That remains to be seen.

Next week will bring new discs by Steve Earle, Explosions In The Sky, The Airborne Toxic Event, Bootsy Collins, and KMFDM's 73rd release (approximately). So far we have only tasted the new Earle album; it's delicious, and goes great with a can of Lone Star and a hot dog. Expect Collins in town June 16 at Warehouse Live.

Here are your recommended new releases for April 19, including a very special tribute to the man who played keys on not only some of the Rolling Stones' most enduring hits, but also created that wicked pounding piano on Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" in 1971.

Gorillaz, The Fall: You may have already downloaded this 2010 tour document from Damon Albarn's supergroup, but if not, here's your chance to own a real copy of the free download from last winter. With a track for almost every stop on the group's tour, Houston is repped by "The Parish of Space Dust" just in time to remind us all over again that we aren't getting a shuttle. Up yours, Chuck Schumer.

Dengue Fever, Cannibal Courtship: The band's first album since 2009's Sleeping Through The Mekong, the new Courtship starts out with the forboding title track, and for eleven tracks and 46 minutes manages to make dysfunction and fright sound swinging. Check out "2012 (Bury Your Heads)" and "Thank You Goodbye" to see what we mean.

Glee the Music Presents: The Warblers: Don't know much about Glee, except for what we read from other bloggers here on Rocks Off, but this album of cuts from the show's group The Warblers wins out for us for the spirited take on Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."

Shut yer mouths. We could have done without hearing an all-male chorus sing Neon Trees' insipid radio hit "Animal," though.

The Head & the Heart, The Head & the Heart: This one got bitch-slapped by Pitchfork today, but it's not as bad as they said. Sure, it's unremarkable, but it has its charms. There are a handful of bands here in Houston making this same kind of piano-driven folk that you would be better spending money on today.

O'Death Outside: Rocks Off writer and photog Marc Brubaker has been talking up O'Death for a few months now, and here comes their latest, Outside. If you have an affinity for Murder By Death, Arcade Fire, and Tom Waits, this will be on your Top 10 list for 2011, especially for "Alamar" and its funereal beat.

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