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Out Today: Steve Earle Is Alive, Bootsy's Aged Funk, And The Late Poly Styrene's Last Disc

Yep, it's the third week now that we have been listening to the new Foo Fighters album, Wasting Light. We even acquired it on vinyl this weekend, so we are doubly screwed. Now we just need it on cassette tape and one of those toothbrushes that play music in your skull like you are schizophrenic.

This week brings a trove of treasures from Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Explosions In The Sky, and new reissues from Derek & The Dominos, and a huge Rolling Stones singles box set that we would severely sprain our own ankle - or at least drink a gallon of milk in one sitting - for a copy.

Today news came of the passing of punk legend and X-Ray Spex front woman Poly Styrene, who succumbed to breast cancer last night. Today was also the release date of her newest solo disc, Generation Indigo. When you are out today at your favorite record store, be sure to pick up a copy of Indigo and stock up on some Spex while you are at it. Oh cancer, up yours!

As for next week, we will be profiling new slabs from the Beastie Boys, Fleet Foxes, Stevie Nicks, Sixx: A.M., and a new Donny and Marie album. Yes, that Donny and Marie. How bad can it really be? And remember folks, we are weeks away from Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Steve Earle, I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive: This is Earle's first album of originals since 2007's Washington Square Serenade. It's a country record, helmed by T-Bone Burnett, and featuring Earle's trademark rough-and-ready lyrics. Standouts for us include "God Is God" and the lead-off cut, "Waitin' For The Sky."

We doubt this one will dislodge 2009's Townes in our weekly rotation, but it makes a good companion piece. You can hear plenty of lessons Earle learned on that Townes Van Zandt covers disc on Alive, and it will more than likely grow on us.

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