Overnight Express: Woman Hit by Metro Rail Near Continental Club

So guess what happened here tonight, on the block? A girl, perhaps anywhere from 15 to 18 years old, got hit by a train. My friend saw it. So did a couple of other friends and neighbors. I live upstairs, maybe 75 yards from where it happened, and I heard about it from a friend down the block who said there were a bunch of ambulances in front of my apartment. I hadn't even been off from the record store an hour, and I was like, 'Huh?'

'This chick got hit by a train.' I was immediately like, 'No way.' But then they were like, 'Yeah,' and within an hour (that I, I'm very proud to say, spent drinking with my friends), it was on the 10 p.m. news. I believe you can find the video here.

That's the only footage I could find on the whole wide Internet. Seemed like there were several news trucks out there, so I supposed it was on a lot of stations. Maybe even CNN. Break up this whole Clinton-Obama monotony. Too bad we've already had the primary here, or Barack and Hillary would have had to taken sides: Which one of these prospective Presidents wants to stick up for the girl who plunged (or stumbled) in front of that train? What kind of health-care nightmare is that?

An ugly one, but whichever one of the candidates springs for this girl's hospital bill is the one I'm voting for. It takes a fucked-up personality to stumble in front of a train, either accidentally or on purpose. But if either one is at all serious about making sure train/pedestrian collisions are kept to an absolute minmum, they've got my vote. I prefer trains like they are in blues songs: maybe a little loud, but still a long way away.

That Eyewitness 13 video is the only one I can find, even several hours afterward. You'd think a (possibly) underage girl getting hit by a train in front of one of the city's main rock clubs might merit some attention, but I guess not. It's probably just as well. That shit was fucked up. It is fucked up.

It seems like the media has decided a woman getting smacked by a train is too unseemly for them to cover. But what self-respecting cameraman wouldn't pay attention? If anyone happened to DVR any additional coverage, please send it to me at tcbaustin@gmail.com. Or just post it in the comments, but, please, only once. - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.