Paola Mayorga's Latin Grammy Journal

[Ed. Note: Paola Mayorga is a 21-year-old Missouri City woman who won a contest sponsored by Reliant Energy for a trip to the Latin Grammys, including backstage and green carpet access and accomodations at the Four Seasons. Rocks Off asked her to write up her experience.]

Paola Mayorga and her mother Giovanna on the green carpet

Since the moment that I got the call from the representatives of Reliant Energy, it’s been kind of like a dream. At first I didn’t believe it was true and it was someone playing a joke on me.

I decided to enter the sweepstakes after I went to the festival called “Houston es Musica” at Reliant Park. That day at the festival they were giving out tickets to get online and participate in the sweepstakes. At first I had my doubts about participating, because I thought of all the people that went to the festival that day and it was a lot of people. But by mom insisted that I do it anyway, and that’s how everything started.

After I finally got in contact with Anne-Marie (the person from Reliant Energy who is been taking care of me since the first moment of this experience) the whole dream took its course. She sent me all the information that I needed to know for those two wonderful days. My mom and I had the chance to attend the rehearsal tour, which was a great experience to see how everything works backstage.

The Mayorgas and Despierta America host Ana Maria Canseco (middle)
Then I went to check in at the Four Seasons Hotel, where all the artists and Latin Grammys people were staying. Then the big day came, my mom and I got all dolled up and ready for the show. We met at the hotel lobby with Anne-Marie and Mike and from there on the night was nothing but wonderful and a great experience. We got in the car that took us to the Latin Grammys. People actually thought we were some kind of celebrities (which was kind of cool and fun).

Once we got there, we got to walk on the green carpet, take pictures and then came the show. But while waiting for it to start, we got to see so many artists passing right next to us, like John Legend, Julieta Venegas, Juanes, Alejandra Guzman, Tito el Bambino, etc. We were so excited and the night was barely starting.

The show was awesome! Great performances by the artist and we had a great view. After the show, we had access to the official afterparty at the George R. Brown Convention Center. That place had been turned into a huge club. There were photographers and cameras everywhere, a lot of important people and some of the winners. And it got better when Oscar de Leon got on stage and gave a great show that lasted until 12:30 a.m.

Such a great experience! I can’t thank Reliant Energy enough for such a great opportunity and experience! Those two days were magical and impossible to forget. I had the best time ever. Again, thank you Reliant for giving these kinds of chances to people so they can actually live like stars for two days.

But I also don’t want to forget Anne Marie, Mike, Tio and all those from Reliant Energy that were so nice and such a great people that guided and made sure that I enjoyed this dream. – Paola Mayorga

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