Parisian EVIL MOISTURE Mastermind Teaches Us Some Russian Prison Slang

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Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose... AB: Andy Bolus... EVIL MOISTURE. I am an artist, musician, and builder of machines among other things. RE: Where are you currently located? AB: Paris France since about 11 years, but on and off in Japan. RE: Where before that? AB: UK before that, I moved around quite a lot there. RE: What made you move out of the UK? AB: Many reasons. Living in Europe is better for finding (paid) shows and exhibitions, and over all that I feel it's important for creativity to be removed as far as possible from your roots. So I just thought why not? Nothing to lose, and I dont regret it... SATAN SATAN SATAN!!! Also, new languages open new doors in the mind. RE: Agreed! What have you been working on lately? AB: My new LP just came out on a Swedish label run by the frontman of The Skull Defekts called iDEAL Recordings, The title is in Russian prison slang and probably can't be printed here... RE: Let's go to "print" with this... AB: "IF YOU WANT TO FUCK THE SKY, TEACH YOUR COCK TO FLY!" is the translation, but it's filthier than that... RE: Didn't you do a release with EyE of the Boredoms? AB: Yeah, Fatanarchy On Airtube, a CD on Harbinger which should also be out as a double LP this year. It took us about 9 years to make it, trading tapes back and forth and meeting sometimes to scream into dictaphones, notably one time me and EyE were screaming at the front of the stage at a Whitehouse show in London in about '96. RE: NICE! That pretty much sums up the process. What about Dernier Cri? AB: Dernier Cri, yeah i made 2 books, Group Sex Explosion and Deathneyland, its a friends screenprinting factory in Marseille... I'm working on a new book with 666 pages that will be in the same small format as my favourite italian/french sex/horror comics, printed on really cheap paper but the size of a phonebook! Also I contributed regularly to their compilation book Hospital Brut, and also made animation for their DVDs. RE: Wow, how many copies of the 666-page book will you make? AB: 666, of course! RE: How did I not see that coming... AB: Hehehe. It'd be kinda weird if it was like 241 or something... RE: Do you have any shows coming up? AB: I have some shows coming up in France with my other band, Super SS, which is me on electronics and drum mike feedback system, Antione Hadjiouannu from Aluk Todolo on drums, and Zila Beliaeva aka Brigitte Bordelle on sex performance. Also doing some Evil Moisture shows in Canada and maybe USA in June. RE: Great. Where in the US will you appear? AB: I'm not sure, somewhere near Canada? RE: So.. Nowhere near Houston then that's for sure! AB: Would love to, but thats for next time! Gotta hook up with the Butthole Surfers and make Jackofficers 2. I'm sure Mr Gibson Haynes has tons of weird junk on tape around that needs to be released. Can you imagine how great the stuff that Gibby thinks is too weird to release is??? Jeez!!! RE: Absolutely! 100% mind melters. AB: Maybe Chrome too eh? RE: I don't think there's much of that in existence... I bet Gibby has lots though! So where can we get ahold of your products? AB: Tochnit Aleph shop in Berlin, Bimbo Tower in Paris (they usually have a stock of the little weird theramins and stuff that i build too), in USA i dont have so much distro, RRR have some things, and Los Apson in Japan... or on my site. RE: Enjoy! Domokos' band Future Blondes releases its limited-edition vinyl EP, vila'gok 1, 8 p.m. Monday, April 12, at Diverseworks, 1117 East Fwy., 713-223-8346 or www.diverseworks.org.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.