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Past Blasted: Alcopop And The Geto Boys' St. Ides Ad

The usual moral outrage is greeting the recent unveiling of Blast, Colt 45's entry into the "alcopop" market heretofore dominated by Four Loko.

At a mere 12 percent alcohol by volume, the fruit-infused brews are twice as strong as Colt 45, which already kicks like a mule. As Eric Idle would enthuse in another context, "eight bottles of this and you're really finished."

Blast comes in four flavors: Strawberry lemonade, raspberry watermelon, grape, and the super-trendy blueberry-pomegranate, foodies' favorite super-strong devil's love potion.

Much of the ire against Blast is directed at Snoop Dogg, the drink's spokesman. Blast will come in two sizes - garish little 7-ounce bottles sold by the six-pack, which will be marketed to women, and gargantuan 23-ounce "master cylinder"-style cans for dudes.

Each 7-ounce bottle of Blast is said to be as strong as one and a half light beers, so those monster cans are equivalent to a six-pack of weak-to-normal beer. Betcha most of the cats who drink that stuff won't stop at just one!

Snoop seems to be bearing up to the criticism well enough. And there's no word on when Houston's getting put on Blast, so you local alcopop aficionados will have to stick to your Four Loko for now.

But all this put us in mind of this, um, blast from the past - when St. Ides malt liquor united "Fifth Ward, South Park and South Central" by rustling up a malt liquor-touting collabo between the Geto Boys and Ice Cube:

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