Paul McCartney Songs We Secretly Want to Hear at Minute Maid

Paul McCartney usually starts his set lists with "Magical Mystery Tour" and then lives up to it, hopscotching between Beatles, Wings, and his solo stuff.

But there are a few cuts out of his 50-plus-year catalog that I want to hear out of total selfishness, songs that I know he could never probably bring himself to play live. Some that he may be surprised he even had the constitution to record.

For the total oddity of it, I would trade hearing "I'm Looking Through You" for "Spies Like Us." Or "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" for 1997's "The World Tonight". Flaming Pie wasn't awful.

"Biker Like An Icon"

People in Houston like motorcycles and the folks who ride them. Also, I think Dave Matthews has ripped this song off a few times, the hook mostly. This has an interested Tom Petty bent to it too.

"We All Stand Together"

If only to watch diehard Macca fans poop their relaxed-fit jeans in white-hot anger, and for stoned teens to be enthralled with the artist's foray into children's music.

"Spies Like Us"

Ooooh ooooh I wanna tell my grandkids that I saw this live in concert one day, so I can bear witness that it happened for generations to come .

"Vanilla Sky"

Recorded for Cameron Crowe's similarly named mindfuck of a film, this cut gets largely overlooked in McCartney's canon. According to some fan sites, the lyrics were inspired by a waiter bringing McCartney the wrong food. I don't get it either.

"Old Siam, Sir"

This might as well be a Jack White song, you know? This is what Jack White's solo album sounds like. What people call a bad McCartney song would be a good Jack White song. Funny world.

BONUS!!!!!!!! "Wonderful Christmastime"

Maybe he should play this one just to troll the crowd. Most people will still be so numbed with excitement from seeing a Beatle in concert that they won't care anyway. "Oh man, then he played the Christmas song and it was amazing," your friends will all say, totally unprompted. It's close enough to Christmas.

The B-side of the single was something called "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae," which sounds like all kinds of awful.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.