Paul Wall (left, red sweatshirt) did have an impressive entourage Wednesday.
Paul Wall (left, red sweatshirt) did have an impressive entourage Wednesday.
Photos by Jack Gorman

Paul Wall Cameos Onstage at Own Birthday Bash

Paul Wall's Birthday Party Warehouse Live March 11, 2015

It's good to be the People's Champ. Paul Wall and about 250 of his closest friends celebrated his 34th birthday with a concert at Warehouse Live Wednesday night. The bar lines were very short, but people were still feeling good from all the smoke and the lean.

Fans who showed up for the celebration had high expectations for the evening after battling the stormy weather. Many also had the high hopes of seeing a preview of the "Welcome to Houston" FPSF collab, but would leave disappointed. Michael "5000" Watts and a couple of other DJs worked current Southern hip-hop for the crowd that trickled in, before the live performers finally hit the stage 15 minutes after midnight.

Memphis' Young Dolph was the real star of the evening.
Memphis' Young Dolph was the real star of the evening.

The first two acts consisted of guys rapping over their own tracks. The crowd was uninspired, and the white noise of audience chatter filtered through the sets. Whatever fans on the front row who weren't talking appeared bored. They wanted the People's Champ!

The crowd started to accumulate around the stage as the first billed artist, Nessacary, began to perform. Early in the set a huge arc of people surrounded the female rapper, and her DJ requested that everyone on the stage who was not a performer to back up. Her performance came across flat, but was slightly improved by the moves of her dancers.

The birthday boy only spit a few verses of "Texas Kool Aid."
The birthday boy only spit a few verses of "Texas Kool Aid."

Young Dolph came out next as Paul Wall finally made an appearance at the edge of the crowded stage with almost everyone having styrofoam cups filled with what one would believe to be drank. As Dolph did his thing, the grilled maestro smiled, showing the sparkles off his grill. Standing next to him was local celebrity and jewelry dealer, Johnny Dang. They were throwing up the H for the city that they love and represent while having a great time around their friends. The MC out of Memphis got the small Wednesday night crowd moving.

The Po-up Poet only spit a few verses on "Texas Kool Aid" with Young Dolph before he disappeared back stage and the DJ said good night. The look on the faces of the people on the front row was that of confusion. This event was quite disappointing, for Wall's fans that expected him to perform. All in all, the Swishahouse star spent about 25 minutes onstage surrounded by his crew. But despite the fact that the people didn't get more of the champ, Young Dolph put on a solid performance.

Personal Bias: Really wanted to see the King of All Bling, TVJohnny, perform "Stay Iced Up" with his business partner.

The Crowd: Folks who weren't afraid of getting wet in the rain.

Overheard In the Crowd: "The only time 40 people onstage is a good thing is when those 40 people are the Wu-Tang Clan."

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