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Paul Wall, City Settle Differences Over School-Supply Drive

Monday, popular Houston rapper Paul Wall called out the Mayor’s Office on social media, claiming the city was denying the necessary permits for his back-to-school supply drive scheduled for this Sunday at Wiley Park, near Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston’s historic Fourth Ward. These days more people know the neighborhood as “Midtown,” which is part of the problem — at issue was the city's concern for the residents of some new condos near the park, which Wall’s original Instagram post cited as the reason for the permit trouble. Happily, he reports that things have now been cleared up.

“They said they had people calling saying that it was gonna be a big-ass concert with over 10,000 people there,” Wall tells the Press. “I think somebody either (purposefully/or mistakenly) got our commercial on 97.9 confused with another of their commercials.

“But they were calling complaining about us,” the Slab God continues. “And so they were calling us to make sure we have every single permit in the book. We were just planning on this being a small event for a couple of hours.”

All's well that ends well, Wall smiles: “I even think they said they mayor is is going to come.”

"To be honest I was real hesitant to speak out because I didn't want to badmouth the mayor, but I'm glad I did say something," he adds. "She told us she's got our back and she's gonna help us make it happen."

Angelica Leicht contributed reporting.
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