Paul Wall, Jamie Kennedy and "Mattress Mack" Pimp Some Furniture

Since the days of Houston Wrestling late weekend nights on Channel 39, Houstonians have known there's absolutely nothing Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale won't do to "Save... You... Money!" And as Mac's Gallery Furniture empire has grown, so has his willingness to go to any lengths necessary to keep feeding the beast. As Exhibit A, I offer this 2006 spot of Mac, Paul Wall and special guest Jamie Kennedy pimpin' that Tempurpedic. Go ahead, I dare you to look away:

An extended version of "Mattress Mack" appeared on Kennedy's 2006 album, Blowin' Up, the soundtrack to his eight-episode "comedic reality show" the "success" of Malibu's Most Wanted convinced MTV to green-light. Trash-culture scholars may remember one more song from the record: "Rollin' With Saget," Kennedy's salute to the foulmouthed Full House star:

Curious, I entered "Gallery Furniture" into YouTube's search engine to see what else would turn up. Results after the jump, including a "Gallery Furniture Saved My Marriage" spot and special guest endorsement by He Who Never Cries. - Chris Gray

Look, it's Chuck Norris!

"Gallery Furniture Saved My Marriage"

"That's No Bull"

The "Mini Mac" commercial contest, from earlier this year:

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