Pearl Crush takes listeners on a new adventure with Coax Me Out.
Pearl Crush takes listeners on a new adventure with Coax Me Out.
Photo by Daniela Galindo

Pearl Crush Gets into Deeper Sounds on the new E.P.

When Houston's Pearl Crush first released music, the elements of bedroom pop and electro-pop were all over her debut release. On her new E.P. Coax Me Out, all of that has changed. Mixing 808 beats with tropicalia notes, the singer takes what you knew about her sound and goes to a deeper and more heartfelt place.

"Can't Hide It" opens with notes that sound like bells ringing into the darkness. Her use of guitar mixed with beats and claps create a space for her vocals to ring out as if she's calling out to someone far away. When the track picks up pace, notes from '80s electronica dance onto the song creating a picture that's more textured than her previous work. This heavier weight continues on "Tide".

Coax Me Out is deep and emotive while still offering a light on the other side.
Coax Me Out is deep and emotive while still offering a light on the other side.
Artwork by Shawna X

When the guitar opens "True Blue," it almost sounds like a different artist until the vocals slowly make their way onto the track. This is Pearl Crush in a much different light than before, though it's a welcome change.

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While "Milk & Moon" goes full '80s electronica in how it begins, Clanton quickly turns the wheel and returns to her pop heavy roots. However here she reminds you of early Yaz and Erasure in her synth choices. The track hits just enough to stay in the dark shadows she's created while still being catchy enough to get you to hit repeat when the song ends. This sound is what you want from Pearl Crush, adding multiple elements, going dark, but never losing those electro-pop elements of their debut release at the same time.

You can order your own copy of Coax Me Out from Poison Moon Records, or stream it on all platforms. Pearl Crush will be on tour from June 29 at Banks St. Bar in New Orleans through July 9 in Austin at Hotel Vegas. You can also pick up a copy when Pearl Crush performs at Spruce Goose on June 23. The all ages show will have performances from The Regal People, LYTA, Britt, and DJ Come Bien. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $10.

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