Pep Torres

Los Angeles has a long tradition of Latino rockers, and the jumpy retro act of Pep Torres comes straight out of that Richie Valens school of early rock and roll. While Torres is fully fluent in R&B and even a little blues, his signature is loose-jointed, swinging rockabilly featuring a steady beat, slap bass and plenty of Carl Perkins twang-and-thump. Torres has a lot in common with other California rolled-cuffs-and-hoop-skirts retro acts such as Big Sandy and the Fly-rite boys, and his music is all danceable and meant for a party, not a concert hall.

Opening for Torres are The Octanes, Adam Burchfield's new high-energy rock and roll project. Burchfield has been in a handful of bands, and they all rock; the Octanes are no exception. Their new CD Lucky Seven is chock-full of hot licks and manic rhythms. Torres will need his A game to follow these local gunslingers.

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William Michael Smith