Houston Music

Perseph One and AndAcc; Patients of Timeless Minds

Every high school has one of those girls who wears some shit-crazy outfit each day, like a skirt with pants underneath or a bow tie and gloves. Synth-driven in production and irreverently disconnected in lyrical delivery, Patients of Timeless Minds is probably the album that that nut has playing on her MySpace page. The second LP by local experimental hip-hopper Perseph One and first produced by her DJ, AndAcc, Patients is incredibly polarizing. One moment, like while listening to "Oh Slippin," you're on one end of the spectrum thinking, "Wow, AndAcc is a truly gifted producer and Perseph is a flat-out genius; this is probably one of the best songs of the year." The next, like during "Bare Bones" (where Perseph says "accelerate" 84 times, 14 in a matter of eight seconds) it's more, "Oh my God, this is like being punched in my ears, only worse." Thing is, the pair probably planned it that way. What else to expect from a duo that hand-painted each of their CDs before mailing them out? Most likely, Perseph and AndAcc won't be receiving any e-mails or phone calls from major labels offering deals. But given the state of things, that's probably a compliment more than a slight.

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Shea Serrano