Pimp C's Mom, Weslyn "Mama Wes" Monroe, Passes Away at 66

Rocks Off has learned that Weslyn Monroe, mother of rap pioneer Chad "Pimp C" Butler, passed away over the weekend after suffering an undisclosed illness. She was admitted into intensive care a few days ago, but she sadly lost her life in a Port Arthur hospital on Sunday. She was 66, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

Known as "Mama Wes," she was often seen at local rap concerts dressed in her signature red outfit in full support of her "babies," the rappers and artists she loved so much. She truly carried on the legacy that her son initiated through UGK, and made sure that Chad Butler Jr. was exposed to the positive side of Houston's rap world.

Friends and family took to social media on Sunday with the hashtags #RIPMamaWes and #RIPMamaC, all remembering her as kind, supportive, and loving. Bun B, the other half of UGK, released the following statement:

Thanks to everyone that has sent prayers and condolences. She was a great woman. Nurture us from boys to men and made us strong enough to handle this industry. She was the one that kept us going when we didn't wanna go anymore.

She was the backbone of UGK, the definition of loyalty, the personification of unconditional love and the essence of what being Trill really meant. She's finally reunited with her son. God bless you both. RIP Mama Wes. You gave everything to make us Underground Kings.

From everyone here at Rocks Off, we offer our condolences to all friends and family.



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