Not to make a big fuss over who is more seasoned on this bill, but even the most booty-bass-loving of rap fans can see that Doug E. Fresh is an undisputed old-school scholar. It was he, along with former partner MC Ricky D, better known as Slick Rick, who came up with two early classics of hip-hop: the audience-arousing favorite "The Show" and the lackadaisical "La Di Da Di," which Snoop Dogg memorably redid on his 1993 Doggystyle album.

Apart from being known as the original "human beatbox," Fresh was also the first cocky, lady-killing hip-hopper, way before LL Cool J knew how to lick his lips. This can primarily be seen in his 1988 album, The World's Greatest Entertainer, on which he laid out his ambitions with "Keep Risin' to the Top" and got the ladies all hot on "Cut That Zero."

Much like Fresh, Kid Capri has also aspired to the high life. Mostly known as the bombastic DJ/musical director for the raunchy hip-hop revue known as Def Comedy Jam, the rapper/spinner has a cult rep in the East Coast underworld. Although he has only two albums to his credit, Capri is well known as a pioneer of another art -- that of the mix tape, which he helped turn into a cottage industry.

You can listen to a brotha rapping about his platinum teeth only so many times before you get fed up and start dipping back into the classics. There are audiences out there who still crave Fresh's verbal special effects and Capri's turntable versatility. So if you're sick of hearing about the joys of lean and you long for the good ol' days when men were men, words were powerful, and thick rope chains were the only indication of bling-bling on a brotha, then going to this show wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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