Most folks know Radiohead will kick off its U.S. tour in The Woodlands this week. But after that, the genre-flipping maestros will take their show on the road to the rest of North America. Not so with Gay Dad, Arnold and the Warm Jets. These three lesser-known, though worthy, Brit-pop contenders will be jetting into Bush airport, performing downtown and then jetting back out four days later, with Houston as their sole stateside stop.

Gay Dad, perhaps the most famous of the three on this side of the pond (thanks to its name and an opening slot on a Pretenders tour), sport catchy guitar riffs sprinkled with electronics. Its new three-piece lineup is more focused than ever. And with lines like "germ-free additives in my food really make me horny," one can rest assured that its razor-sharp British irony cuts deep.

Arnold arose out of the ashes of Patio when the latter band's lead singer died in an accident. Named after a member's dog (who stars in some of its videos), Arnold can be described as pastoral Floydian, sans hippie-dippieness. The group's masterful lo-fi demo so impressed producer Alan McGee that he released it as is to the public.

The Warm Jets, which take their name from Brian Eno's first solo album, have an obvious Eno jones, with psychedelic fuzztones colliding with electronics giving rise to a sound all their own. Not widely known in the States, the Jets have already won over Britain's New Music Express and the legendarily tough Fleet Street critics.

Each of the bands will headline a show, with local and regional bands Men Mechanical, Japanic, Young Heart Attack, McLemore Ave. and more on the undercards.

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John Nova Lomax
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