Playbill: Matt "The Electrician" Sever

Matt "the Electrician" Sever

is one of those Beaver Nelson-ish


artists who always get more respect than money. On his fourth self-released collection,

One Thing Right

, Sever continues to carefully observe his personal life and deliver warm, catchy Paul Simon-esque miniatures like "

My Dog

" ("Don't tell me and my dog what to do"). The instrumentation -- plinky banjo, minimalist dobro,

slow-handed guitar

— makes a perfect backdrop for Sever's sensitive guy vocals and gives

One Right Thing

an even more organic feel than 2004's

Long Way Home

. Sever succinctly sums up his career on his MySpace site: "

started small, getting smaller

." He fits in the same niche as local boys like

Arthur Yoria


The Electrician will be joined by Austin singer-songwriter Southpaw Jones, who describes himself as "Whimsicologist Extraordinaire." There's more than a bit of our man Beans Barton's theatrical insanity in Jones, who pairs with Sever every Wednesday at Cafe Mundi in Austin. He describes his current recording, Bedroom Demos Vol. 1: Zero Demand, as being "recorded over a two-year span in solitude and madness." Jones is quick-witted and a master of clever wordplay, so take your thesaurus and an open mind to what will surely be an evening of smiles, guffaws, and belly laughs. - William Michael Smith

Matt "the Electrician" Sever and Southpaw Jones perform tonight at Anderson Fair, 2007 Grant, 713-528-8576.

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