Playbill: Money Waters

Matt Sonzala's b-day party

Money Waters latest CD, Swalhaggin

It's a birthday party for our friend and fellow blog-miester

Matt Sonzala




KPFT's Damage Control

featuring the sounds of

DJ Sun


DJ Melodic, Peekaboo Theory,

and Dallas rapper

Money Waters.

Talking about one of his favorite performers, Money Waters, Matt says,

"Dude is off the hook. He's soulful and raw like Devin the Dude, still street, but more playful and intelligent than a lot of these rappers today. Both of his albums jam."

Click here for our review of Money Waters CD Swalhaggin: Rotation: Money Waters

He's also got nice things to say about Peekaboo Theory:

In my opinion, Peekaboo Theory are pretty much the most interesting band happening in Houston right now. They incorporate spaced out electro beats with their soulful rock and really kill it live. I recommend seeing them soon.

And just in case, you're worried about getting up Monday morning with a hangover, Matt thought of that too:

I know it's a Sunday but the next day is MLK Day and well, if you're boss hasn't given you the day off, at least tell that fool you're coming in late.

Look for the party Sunday, January 14, at Cotton Exchange, 202 Travis St, Suite 100, 713- 229-0097 (Click here for a map: Cotten Exchange)

Be sure to listen to Matt's radio show Damage Control every Wednesday night, midnight until 3 a.m. on KPFT FM.

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