Randy Weeks

Playbill: Randy Weeks

Despite living in LA,

Randy Weeks

has determinedly returned to Texas every couple of months since the

2006 SXSW

. Bent on creating something like his loyal following at

The Cinema Bar


Culver City

, where his twice a month residency has become a must for fans of roots music, in the past eight months Weeks has played

Mucky Duck, MojoRisin'

, and the

Continental Club

(twice). At his last Continental show two months ago, opening for a packed house of

James McMurtry

fans, the man who wrote

Lucinda Williams'


"Can't Let Go"

finally broke through. With former

HollisterEric Danheim

on lead guitar, in the space of one hour Weeks made the crucial transition from

"who's this guy"


"when's this guy playing again?"
Randy Weeks' new CD Sugarfinger

Touring in support of


, one of the finest albums released this year, the twenty-year veteran seems to be on the verge of being accepted in Texas, quite an accomplishment for a guy who grew up in Minnesota and has spent his career in the neon canyons of Los Angeles. -

William Michael Smith

Randy Weeks performs Saturday, December 9, at the Continental Club, 3700 Main St., 713-529-9899. Two Tons of Steel also perform.

Click here for a video of Randy Weeks performing at the 2006 SXSW.

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