Playbill: Sister Sister y Los Misters

It seems that, in Houston at least, Latin music, good coffee, and wifi are an in demand mix. Bohemeos owners Lupe and Sidonie Olivares are following a trend that has already taken hold at places from Salento's in Rice Village to Cafe Soleil on FM 1960 (that's an obscure super-uncool suburban loop road out where Inner Loopers usually say they'd get terribly lost if they ever had the unfortunate circumstance to actually have to go there). Bohemeos is only the latest to book Sister Sister y Los Misters.

Led by former Little Joe y La Familia singer Melinda Hernandez (who performs as Mimi Durango), Sister Sister delivers dancers a smoldering mass of simpering passion. Durango is backed by maybe the brainiest guitar duo in Latin music history, with Dr. Cameron Gordon (Professor of Mathematics and Sid W. Richardson Foundation Regents Chair in Mathematics at UT-Austin) on lead guitar and Efraim "El Professor" Armendariz (Chairman of the Mathematics Dept., UT-Austin) on rhythm guitar. (Obviously this band doesn't have any problem dividing the money at the end of the night.) Together they deliver plenty of hot licks behind Durango, who can belt out traditional songs of old Mexico as well as her own caliente modern compositions. And the key word in all of it is fun. -- William Michael Smith

Sister Sister y Los Misters perform Saturday, January 20 at Bohemeo's, 708 Telephone Rd. @ Lockwood, 713-923-4277.

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